Mine & Dr. Awesome’s Wedding Celebration Extravaganza!


Though Dr. Awesome and I got married back in October 2011 at City Hall, we wanted to share that moment with everyone, so we threw a wedding celebration party at the lab where him and his dad work at: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in the Palisades.

We wanted it to be laid back and fun. And in the spirit of that, we decided to have an extended cocktail hour. We enlisted the help of Radish in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had heard of them through Twitter and we decided to one day try them out at a picnic on the waterfront (see this blog post). Of course we thought it was great and booked them a year in advance, especially since they use seasonal and local ingredients. The following two photos of the food at our party are courtesy of our family friend Jodi Gingold. There were passed appetizers and then a stationary bruschetta bar with lots of tea sandwiches and roasted carrots, along with an awesome open alcohol bar. We also had a dessert bar, but there are no photos yet since we’re waiting on the professional ones. There were brownie bites, cookies, and shortcake with strawberry-rhubarb preserves and cardamom cream. There was also iced tea and lavender lemonade at the ceremony. Don’t be too jealous!

Radish Food 2

Radish Food 1

Our flower arrangements were by Pristine Events. My brother’s best friend, Arielle, has been doing this all her life and wanted to do this for us. They were beautiful and my wild flower bouquet was perfect. Photos of the tables are by Jodi again, along with Dr. Awesome and his boutineer. Arielle took the photo of me and my bouquet. All the table arrangements were slightly different and the table with the food and presents had some arrangements on them, too.

Dr. Awesome looking Awesome

Flower Arrangements 2


Flower Arrangements

As a memento to give to people, we decided on some great local jams by Anarchy in a Jar. They were triple berry and are so delicious. We got them personalized too which was great. We have some jar left over, but they’re going quickly.

Anarch in a Jar 1

Anarchy in a Jar 2

The day really couldn’t have gone any more perfect than it did. We had great staff, bartenders, and felt all the love and happiness from our friends and family.


~ by Iyumnewyork on June 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mine & Dr. Awesome’s Wedding Celebration Extravaganza!”

  1. wonderful day for a wonderful couple!

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