Willyburg Picnic and Summer Cake

This past weekend was a hot and steamy one in NYC. Dr. Awesome and I wanted to venture to Williamsburg because we were scouting a potential caterer for our upcoming nuptials. Someone retweeted on my twitter feed about Radish having their one year anniversary this month. I checked out their website and saw they did some catering. We looked at their past events and Dr. Awesome and I were sold. Now we just needed to try them out. What’s great is that they have seasonal prepared foods and they’re all done that morning. The guy who helped us was very friendly and we got a few yummy things for a picnic at the waterfront.


Dr. Awesome and Kaisa getting out the provisions.

Potato salad and mac and cheese.

Roasted carrots with cheese.

My awesome jerk chicken sandwich (with pickled radishes and cilantro).

What’s not pictured was my favorite dish: the heirloom bean salad with tuna. I think what we love about this place is that it has the exact type of foods we want at our celebration and they’re done simply, but delicious. Hopefully, they’ll work out and people who can’t make it will be very jealous 🙂


We then saw there was a flea market of sorts happening near by, so we decided to check it out.  I don’t think this was Smorgasburg because that happens on Saturdays (according to their website) and we were there Sunday.




This guy had all different types of flour, which was cool.


Gimme (and just throwing it out there, the owner should’ve had some water for this hot little guy).



“We’re so cool and hipster, we picnic out by The Edge.”  Dr. Awesome is also waiting for his french vanilla and malted ball shake that was much needed and refreshing.



I’m a dork and I love learning about the history of certain buildings (if the city hasn’t torn them down yet).

After an afternoon in the sun (and getting a weird tan because of the strap on my bag), we made our way back home. We stopped at the Tompkins Square Park greenmarket and picked up some fresh strawberries. I had been dying to try out this Smitten Kitchen recipe for strawberry summer cake. Thanks to Dr. Awesome for getting me my awesome mixer, this dream was turned into reality.




So good AND easy to make! I will be buying strawberries all summer as an excuse to make this as many times as I can. I also had to treat myself to a nice deep dish pie pan and rubber spatula for the occasion.  I mean, who DOESN’T need a rubber spatula? 🙂


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