90s Nostalgia – Motherhood and Bridging the Creativity Gap

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Yup, last time I wrote in this was January promising to post more about my New Zealand trip that happened TWO years ago. True, motherhood and working has taken up most of my time. And the downtime I get, I just want  to chill and veg out. Looking at a computer after work is out of the question.

MTV Classic just launched yesterday (August 1). I’ve been home nursing a cold (also working from home so I’m not swamped when I get back in the office) and it’s been the perfect excuse to relive my teenage years and early-20s.

Music videos were an amazing outlet for aspiring directors. A lot of the videos were really inventive and showed new creative ways to tell stories. I also found that time in my life to be my most creative — I was very inspired by these videos — and mainly the music itself. One of my paintings hanging in my parents’ house was inspired by Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” as well as a finger painting I did to a string rendition of Tool songs.

Drinking this nostalgia Kool-Aid has motivated me to take a really good look at myself and revisit bunch of unfinished projects that I started pre-baby. Life is starting to get back to some sort of normal. It’ll never be the same as it was (which I’m happy about cause this kid is amazing), but it’s important to not lose sight of who you are. “Mom” has taken up so much of my personality lately that I’ve forgotten what being “Rori” was like. Writing in this blog, going to shows, creating art, traveling — it’s all still there, but was just pushed beneath the surface.

Watching MTV Classic with all the videos that were on TV during my pivotal years reminded me of how important it is to enjoy and let go. It’s almost like when I watched “Inside Out” (the Pixar movie). With more responsibilities and “growing up,” we lose track of who we were at an “easier” time in our lives. There’s our inner child just screaming to get out again.

I recently got a new tattoo based off some photos I took of the Australian sunset in Perth, as well as one of my unfinished art projects that was also based off of these photos. I showed the tattoo artist this project (which she drew a lot of inspiration from) and told her I started this piece back in 2013 and haven’t finished it. You know what she said? “You should really finish it.” She was dead serious. Like almost annoyed or offended that I hadn’t done so yet. This didn’t upset me. Far from it. It was more like someone who’s ridiculously artistic trying to push someone who’s learning the importance of finishing what you start. Story of my life in a lot of ways.

Do I want to relive my teenage years? Hell no. Those were some trying times at points. But I’m enjoying the memories all these songs are bringing back. And it’s motivated me to bring out my inner teen — the girl who didn’t fit into the mold, the girl who wasn’t scared to try new things, the girl who let the creativity just flow and rode the wave.

I had a whole idea of how I wanted to write this post, but since I’m so rusty, it’s not exactly how I wanted it to be.

But, I’ll get there.

And here’s my promise: I may not update this blog as often as I want, but I’m sure as hell going to try a lot harder than I have been lately. I’m going to finish projects I’ve started pre-Captain Awesome. They might not get done right away. But they’re going to get done. No timeline, no deadline. Just as long as I try.

That’s all I can do 🙂



Coming soon…

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Lots of stuff going on since last September, the main thing was that I became a mom! So things have been… neglected, for lack of a better word. I miss this blog and it’s almost been two years (TWO YEARS!) since my New Zealand trip that I failed to post about. It’s going to happen. Stay tuned…

CHCH – Christchurch – Our New Zealand Adventure Begins

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I’ve become a bit nostalgic about my New Zealand trip and then realized I’ve left you all high and dry! Shame on me. I’m going to start at the very beginning. My brother and I left for New Zealand on May 6, 2014. We landed in Christchurch around 2pm on May 8, 2014. Crazy, right? We took a quick cab ride from the airport to our amazing accommodations, the Orari Bed and Breakfast, smack in the city center.


It’s a bit hard to tell from this photo, but it’s a beautiful Victorian home that was thankfully spared by the devastating earthquake in 2011. We enjoyed a really great egg and bacon breakfast each morning with tea and toast (including Vogels toast, which is now my favorite and I can’t find anywhere in NYC). I’ll have to come back here with Dr. Awesome because it’s such a cute and romantic place. Wasn’t awkward for me or my brother at all, LOL.






Being jet lagged, the best thing for us to do was to walk around and get to know our first host city. Our first stop was to visit the famous cathedral. But as we walked around, there was a huge theme staring us right in the face: the wreckage that was leftover from the earthquake. Christchurch was a bit like a ghost town. You could see how this place was hustling and bustling, but because many buildings were still structurally unsound, they were abandoned. This was all around the city, no matter where we went.







And then we walked up to the cathedral.




Compare these images to what the cathedral looked like before:


Very sad. It was weird being in a country such as New Zealand and seeing something so displacing on such a large scale. We both had a new understanding and appreciation of the situation. The bell tower is just totally gone and the whole front as well. If I didn’t look at the before photos, I would have no idea what I was looking at or the scale of the destruction.




So what the city decided to do to try and bring back some sort of normalcy and life, they created these pod shops, which were pretty cool.




Our first introduction to Maori influence. Definitely not the last!

Being REALLY jet lagged at this point and hungry, we made our way to Fiddlesticks for dinner. This place was great (and was one of the only places that were open.) Oh, talking about food, it was very hard to find restaurants in the city center. There were not many, and the ones that were open, you either needed to get there early or have a reservation.

Fiddlesticks was so yummy. We had a great treat of Bluff oysters.


These were great! They were firm, yet briny. Never had anything like them in my life. Definitely a different texture to the oysters we’re used to here.

Who could be in New Zealand and not have any venison? Well, I made sure I did. And it was delicious.


Bellies full and sleep knocking on our door, we were ready to call it a night. Next post will be about our romp around town and checking out the cardboard cathedral along with the Canterbury Museum and botanical gardens.

There and Back Again…

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I’ve been back for about a month and a half now and this whole time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain my amazing trip to New Zealand. I think the best way to do it is to split it up into the different cities/tours I went to and on. To tell you the scope of this, I took over 1300 photos. Yes, 1300. Granted, some of the photos were of the same things a few times or they didn’t come out totally clear, but I wanted to make sure I captured the country and what we saw as best I could. Only just a few days ago did I empty my memory card. It was hard to let go and just hope that I never lose my hard drive or my Flickr account.

I think one tends to get nervous before going on a trip like this, not just because of the distance, but because of the unknown. Were my brother and I going to have a good time? Was everything I booked going to work out? Once we landed in Christchurch and got to our amazing B&B, the Orari, my fears washed away. The next thing was getting used to the 16 hour time difference and taking in how devastated Christchurch is. But that’s for my next post.

Think of this post as a sneak peek into our travel. I hope it wets your appetite for what’s to come. It’s truly a trip that I will not soon forget and hope to experience again in the near future. It reminds me of my year abroad in Canterbury. That year always lingers with me and I think this trip will forever, too.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sydney has such a different feel than Perth. I can’t say which one I liked better than the other because it’s like apples and oranges. They’re both great for totally different things.

I also need to thank my amazing husband, Dr. Awesome, for making this trip possible. He took an idea I had a year ago in Perth and just went with it. He helped me figure out the travel details and other activities along with getting my parents to go in on it behind my back. I must’ve done something great in my past life to be with such wonderful person. </end mushy stuff>.














That’s only a select few. There will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.

“I’m Going on an Adventure!”

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I’m leaving for the airport in about 5 hours to start my trip to New Zealand. The travel is a bit daunting, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Only 29 hours of travel vs 40 from the last time.

I’ll try to update this with a few photos here and there, though I’m not sure how much down time I’ll actually have.

I think Bilbo can accurately depict how I feel.

Bilbo Adventure photo BilboAdventure.gif
By the way, I’ll be recreating this while in Hobbiton.

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