Come Learn About Your Wacky Blogstress

This blog is a way for me to share my food explorations around NYC and in the process, learn where to find great local ingredients.  New York City has over 30 green markets.  I’m also primarily interested in unique food experiences regardless of context, including street food, DIY, specialty artisanal products and interesting restaurant adventures.  This blog has also morphed into a NYC/Travel blog of sorts with tons of photos.

Disclaimer: This blog may seem a bit pork-centric, but I swear, it’s not just about pork 🙂

Thanks for taking a look!


5 Responses to “Come Learn About Your Wacky Blogstress”

  1. Hi Rori,
    Do you believe I’m here on your site! I think its great. I’m here with Doreen & Rhoda and we’re checking you out. Bye & Love from all

  2. Way cool to know I am going to explore the prodotti italiani with a real ny food blogger – safe travels, see you in 48 hours!

  3. […] of it and back story (as highlighted by the Gray Lady). That’s why I brought along the lovely I Yum New York lady to serve as the official food critic for this tea party (in the nonpolitical sense of the […]

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