Our First (And Successful) Attempt at Ribs


Yes, I know what you all are thinking: Dr. Awesome and I are geniuses. We had all these great ribs to cook from our Flying Pigs Farm CSA, but because we’re in an apartment in NYC, there’s no way to really grill them (unless it’s on a grill pan and that would take forever).  So, we searched for some recipes and found this one.  And as you can see, it turned out great!  The meat just fell off of the bone, the sauce reduced down and was delicious.

The two salads we made were a baby fennel and cucumber summer salad, thanks to a recipe from Basis Foods, and just a random corn salad we came up with (with cherry tomatoes and cilantro) since we had corn (along with the fennel and cucumbers) from our CSA.  It’s great feeling to know where all this food came from and that we’re actually using it and not wasting.  Summer can be a very inspiring time to cook.  Fresh, bold flavors with a nice cocktail can definitely make a summer night enjoyable (especially with this heat wave we’re having).

I need to go through my seed collection from Sprout Robot to see what I can start planting now and harvest in the fall.  I’ve been a bit lazy with my patio garden and I’m getting the itch to try again.  Dr. Awesome likes to call it my  “Charlie Brown Garden”.  I did grow one awesome string bean!….And a weird looking cucumber.  I just think I need to strategize since we don’t get many hours of sun on the balcony.  Any ideas are welcome!


~ by Iyumnewyork on July 27, 2011.

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