The Tale Of The Sad Cucumber

Sad cucumber 1

Sad cucumber 2

Well, even though other cukes are growing, this was the first.  I have a photo of it from a few posts ago and it seemed to be growing normally, but this is what I ended up with.  I don’t know how that happened.  It seemed like the base was just getting bigger and bigger while the rest curled up and wanted to stay tiny.  I decided it was time to pull it off the vine.  It pricked me too.  Those things are thorny!  I have about four more growing.  Hopefully they’ll get a bit bigger before I go to Italy.  I’m worried that they’ll die before I get to harvest them (if that ever happens).  My pole beans are sprouting some flowers, but I think the frost will take over everything pretty soon.  The summer squash are growing new leaves, but I think that’s a lost cause for the season.  Sprout Robot has sent me a ton different of seeds.  We’ll see what I have left after vacation.  Then I’ll be trying my hand at planting some fall veg.

I’m going to be writing a post about raw milk.  My father brought some home from a farm.  He uses it in his cheese, but I’ve never had it in liquid form before.  If it wasn’t so fattening, I’d be drinking it all the time, that’s how good it is.  We were using it in coffee and I was also just drinking it plain.  I think it’ll be an interesting topic that not many people know about and understand.

Don’t forget, the New Amsterdam Market is this weekend! My father and I (and possibly my mother and Dr. Awesome) are going to be selling some cheese!  Come down, enjoy the great food that’ll be there and say hi!  September 12 from 11am – 4pm.  I’ll be live tweeting all day.


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  1. […] Brown Garden”.  I did grow one awesome string bean!….And a weird looking cucumber.  I just think I need to strategize since we don’t get many hours of sun on the balcony. […]

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