Perth – A Reflection One Year Later

Though I haven’t been writing in this, I’ve been thinking about my Perth trip a lot lately, mainly since we went there a year ago this month. I have far too many photos to post to do them justice, so I think it’s just better if I post the link for your viewing pleasure:

Click here.

There is one photo I would like to share. Which is this one:


It’s one of the many photos I took of the sunsets there. Really an amazing thing to witness. The sun just goes down so quickly and eventually disappears behind the horizon. Never really seen anything like it. I look back and remember the feeling of how far I had traveled and this overwhelming sense that I’m so tiny compared to what I was experiencing. It’s hard to describe in words, but if you venture to a part of the world that’s farthest away from your home before you start circling back again, you’ll get it.



I had such a great time there. The weather was beautiful, the view indescribable and as you saw in the previous post, seeing the most happiest dogs on the planet. We were also coming to the end of our 3-month-long renovations. This trip came at a great time because we were able to just relax and not think about our apartment being torn up and dealing with the end of winter. Though the journey took us two days to get there, the reward was well worth it. I got to see the southern cross in the sky, which is only something that you can see in that part of the world. Wild parrots were everywhere and there was even a crow that cawed like a sinister villain. Oh and lets not forget about Tim Tams. For your viewing pleasure, our friend Jason is demonstrating the art of the Tim Tam Slam:

The best part of the video is my drunken self hitting the wine glass with my camera at the end 🙂

In less than two months, my brother and I are embarking on another long journey — New Zealand. It’s my 30th birthday present from Dr. Awesome and celebrating my brother getting out of the army. We’re starting out in Christchurch (going on a Lord of the Rings tour to Edoras in the Canterbury) then heading up to Blenheim (wine country), taking a ferry to Wellington, flying north to Auckland (going to Hobbiton on a day trip from there) and then heading to Sydney for 2.5 days before we make our way back home. I’m a wee bit excited!

It’s crazy because I didn’t think I would be getting back to that part of the world so soon. But hey, I’m game! (And it’s only 29 hours of traveling this time!)

So that’s what has been going on recently. I still have to post our trip to Las Vegas on here and some other goodies. They’ll be coming more often than before!


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