Perth: Life’s a Beach – The Adventure Continues

It’s interesting that I decided to write this post now. I just found out that the first winery we visited, Lilac Hill Estate Winery in Caversham, WA, is closing. It’s very sad. They have the best Merlot (from 2009) I’ve ever had. Actually, probably the best wine I’ve ever had. According to Dr. Awesome’s dad, they made that wine by mistake. Best. Mistake. Ever.

Lilac Hill winery. Best 2009 Merlot ever.

I wish there was a way to get the rest of that wine here. We have one bottle left and it’s going to be hard to open. Very sad.




This is where our friend Jason convinced us that the “Tim Tam Slam” was an actual thing. Pauline, a woman Dr. Awesome’s dad was working with at the university (and who was very nice, along with her husband, to drive us around), asked us if we’ve had Tim Tam’s yet and if we knew about the Tim Tam Slam. I started laughing because we had all thought Jason had made this whole phenomenon up. So, I told her to talk to Jason about it. He thought we put her up to it, but it was a totally natural occurrence. A great memory 🙂

Next door to the winery was a great restaurant that we had lunch at called The Vineyard Restaurant. It had a really pretty setting.


Afterwards, we headed to another winery called Lamont’s. We found this amusing since that’s where Dr. Awesome, his dad and Jason work.


Lamont's Winery

And they had wine barrels for sale! Too bad we live on the other side of the world.




This sounded really good. We ended up buying a Tawny port from them. Haven’t opened it yet.




The grounds.

If I remember correctly, this day was either one of Jason’s last or his actual last day with us. And he was disappointed he hadn’t seen a kangaroo in the wild. So Pauline and her husband took us to Caversham Wildlife Park. We were told that the Roos here were wild, but if you had a picnic or were just hanging out, they would come over to you and hang. So, we drove around and around (it was REALLY hot outside) and didn’t see any. On our way out, in the distance, we saw one hanging out under the shade of a tree.

The next logical activity to do in all this heat was to head down to the beach! What was cool about the area we were in was that it was a dog beach. These were the happiest dogs I have ever seen. And who could blame them?



Cottelsoe dog beach!




I don’t know about you guys, be here in NYC, it was over 70 degrees today. That water looks very enticing. But alas, it’s December and the weather will drop in a few days.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! Eat, drink and be merry 🙂


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