Perth: The Beginning

I’m embarrassed. There’s been so much going on and I’ve neglected posting about my Australian adventures (along with the rest of my trip to California)! I have so many photos that I’ll start where anyone would — the beginning.

Dr. Awesome and I woke up at the bright hour (not really) of 5:00 am. It was the start of our 40-hour journey. Yeah, you read that right: 40 HOURS. Dr. Awesome had some miles to burn and that was the route we were given. You could probably do Perth in about 29 hours normally. Our route was NYC>LAX>Japan>Singapore>Perth. We left on February 26 and were getting there on February 28. It was a bit daunting to think about.

Of course our flight leaving NYC took off a bit late and we weren’t sure when we landed at LAX if we were going to make our connecting flight. But we did. And it was Singapore Airlines, the most magical airline to ever exist. This was my first time flying to Asia, and landing Singapore Airlines on the way there made the trip so much easier to endure. Don’t believe me? Here is some photo evidence:

Singapore airlines
USB ports! (On the right.)

Singapore Airlines before take off from LA

That’s one of the flight attendants. She was beautiful, as were they all. This plane was so big that here were the seating arrangement orders: Suites (yes, SUITES), First Class, Business and Economy. We were in the last category, BUT it really didn’t feel like it. The seats were arranged in 2-4-2 and we got two to ourselves. It was so roomy.

Dr. Awesome looking at the channel guide

We had a whole extra cubby on the left side of us, which was great. We also had tons of options to watch as well. To top it all off, we got a menu booklet! The food on the airline was amazing and they pushed us to drink water the whole way. It was about a 12-hour flight to Japan. It was really the first time I was able to fall asleep on a plane for an extended amount of time. We were only in Japan for about 2 hours tops (I wish it was more) and then it was off to Singapore, another 8-hour flight. What was really cool about flying into Singapore was seeing a ton of river boats on the water all lit up. I had never seen anything like it. (Unfortunately, we landed while it was dark, both ways, so I couldn’t get a photo.)

Singapore airport

The airport was so clean and modern (and totally up on social media in that photo). In order to feel human again (we landed 2 days later), we took showers and walked around. It was about 4:00 am there and not much was open. It was also really humid.

Koi pond in Singapore airport. They were huge.

They have this amazing Koi pond. I have never seen Koi so huge! It blew my mind.


I don’t even think these photos do the fish justice. It’s too bad we weren’t going to be there when the feeding happening. That would’ve been fun to see.

A couple of hours later, we were finally out to our destination: Perth. It was another 5-hour plane ride. It had felt like I had just dozed off when Dr. Awesome nudged me awake and told me to look out the window:

First view of Australia

My first view of Australia. It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time. Even though I had always wanted to go there, never did I think I would actually make it. Unfortunately, we also flew over this:

Bush Fire from the Plane

A huge bush fire that was happening. When we landed, it was all over the news.

Dr. Awesome and I got to his parents apartment around 3:00 pm. We stayed up as late as we could in order to get on a normal schedule. We made sure to stay up in order to see this:

First Australian Sunset

An amazing sunset from their balcony. That’s the Indian Ocean. It just goes on and on and always has those tanker ships on it which is an incredible sight.

After passing out and waking up at some weird hour, we ventured to the farmer’s market in Fremantle, a town right outside of Cottesloe, by rail. They had all sorts of produce and other shops. We were able to get local cheese and beef jerky, as well as other things to supplement our meals.





These were amazing. We ate them every day for breakfast.


Various cheese


We had the Kytren Goat from WA

We had the Kytren Goat. It was amazing.

Had the Tarago Triple Cream from Victoria

We also had the Tarago Triple Cream and a cheddar from Tasmania.

Beef Jerky (basically)

Basically beef jerky.




Huge vats of paella!



They also carried interesting beauty products.

We then took a walk around Fremantle and headed to a famous fish and chip place to grab some lunch (as well as go to a fish monger’s to get our dinner).




Fish & Chips at Cicerello

Fish and Chips at Cicerello. We also had their salt and pepper squid which was amazing. That dish was everywhere.

Jason and his Tim Tams

Jason and his proud find of Tim Tams. They’re interesting. More on that in another post.


The fish market. They had scallops from the U.S. (um) and so many different types of snapper: red, coral, etc. I had never heard of so many.

We finished off the afternoon at Sail and Anchor. This is one of my favorite photos of the trip:

Dr. Dendro & Dr. Awesome at Sail & Anchor

I was pretty much done after that. Between the heat and the jet lag, I was a mess.

Next post: wineries and the dog beach!


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