The Big British Invite

This past weekend, Dr. Awesome and I went to a cool event that was hosted by British Airways and VisitBritain called The Big British Invite. Now, those of you who know me, I’m a huge Anglophile and having lived in Canterbury and London, this was right up my alley. (I am watching About A Boy as I am typing this. Perfect.) It was held in SoHo at a great space.

We started off in the departures lounge where we picked up our “boarding passes” and waited to “board”. Whilst waiting, we were offered prosecco and dumplings. A great way to start our way to Britain.




We then made our way to our Gate and went through to see this great candy sculpture of London.


After, we got a tea sandwich and dessert which was set up like the Mad Hatter’s tea party. They also had some interesting tea flavors like Strawberries and Cream and Chocolate Mint.




Around the corner was a cool cocktail bar that made two different drinks. We chose the one that made use of the smoker. I mean, how could we not? I love gin, but this was epic.




Our “The Bribes”




Wah Nails. I wish I had been patient and waited to get cool nail art done!


We then got into the arrivals lounge and had ANOTHER cocktail. I had The Master Cocktail and Dr. Awesome had the Basil one. I should’ve had what Dr. Awesome had because the cayenne KILLED me. I couldn’t even finish it! His was very refreshing.


Since we were in Britain now, we had to go to a rave party. Check out our dance moves!

 photo RoriandBendancing.gif

After we finished dancing, we got to sample some Welsh cheeses.


They were delicious. Especially the one I had: a cheddar with chives in it. So good.

Next was the Highlands NYC booth. Dr. Awesome had taken me to that restaurant 2 years ago when he did my Anglophile-themed birthday. Really great food and whiskey selection. We’re going to go back there soon, but I’m glad we got to have some sample goodies!


Haggis and sausage roll. It was really good. There was also a seafood chowder and shortbread with a whiskey ganache (I believe). Really interesting and really satisfying.

Unfortunately, there was no more food and drink beyond this point, but we got to see some cool London punk outfits. I wish I took more photos of everything!



Going to this sort of thing really makes me miss Britain. I had spent the best years of my life there and made some unbelievable friends and connections all over the world. Dr. Awesome and I went there for our honeymoon this past October, but I still get the urge to just get up and go! Thanks British Airways and VisitBritain for giving me a little piece of Britain in NYC!


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