Pumpkin Beer Quest Beer #2: Weyerbacher

Second pumpkin beer!

As my quest for the best pumpkin beer of 2012 continues, I found one that had a cool label: Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Never heard of this beer before, but decided to give it a try.

The smell of it was promising. It smelled like all the spices that you would put into a pumpkin pie. The first few sips were a surprise. The spice flavor was REALLY strong. The nutmeg and cloves were a bit overpowering at first, but after a little bit of time, it mellowed out. The more I drank it, the more I liked it. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in a pumpkin beer: a nice spice and pumpkin flavor. Just beware: it’s 8%, which is pretty strong. If you’re not huge on the spice flavor, this one may not be for you.

Dr. Awesome’s brother just made a good point to me (I gave him one to try): the amount of spices counteract the high alcohol content taste to the beer. Makes it easier to drink.

And there you go.

It’s high up on my list (waaaaay higher than DogFish Head’s pumpkin, which sucked). I have a few more to try before I make a decision. There’s just an endless supply of the stuff which makes it hard to figure out which ones are worth shelling out some money for. The Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale is a bit expensive, about $11 for 4 bottles, but it’s also 8%.

Next review: Southern Tier Pumpking, which many of my friends have highly recommended.


~ by Iyumnewyork on September 29, 2012.

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