My Day in Cheese – New Amsterdam Market June 24, 2012

It’s been a while since I got to do a market with my father. The New Amsterdam Market invited him down to their Cheese Market & Diary Fair — a special market showcasing cheeses from around the northeast and other dairy delights. They also held the Cheesemonger Invitational the day before.

We ended up having a great weather and it was a fun time getting to meet people and introducing them to Berkshire Blue‘s smoked cheese. It was a big hit.


Getting set up.



Eat grilled cheese!



These blueberries looked amazing.



Slicing up some smoked Berkshire Blue.


A nice close-up of the inside of the regular blue. Great marbling.


Smoked samples.



The Big Cheese talking to Colleen from Cheese and Champagne.


Talking with the Kate Arding, the founder of Culture Magazine, which is a magazine all about cheese. My dad actually found the ad for the monks who smoke his cheese in that magazine, which was cool.


Some great cherries I bought at the stall that had those amazing blueberries (along with Culture Magazine).


Our good family friends, the Palestines, came down to the market to visit and say hi! It was great seeing them!


Danny and his girlfriend Ayelet posing while the Big Cheese munches on some samples and yours truly.

We lucked out with the weather — it wasn’t too hot out yet and we had a lot of people come by and sample cheese and talk. Hopefully I can help out again at some markets in the future! A shout out to Zsa Zsa Balza for trekking down to the market to say hi and everyone who came out to support our product!


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  1. It’s was great to see you and Dad in action!

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