Making Aged Cocktails with @Tuthilltown

Wow. Long hiatus, huh? Party planning just takes up a ton of time. Mine and Dr. Awesome’s party will finally be happening in about 10 days and then this blog will get updated more regularly. I’ve missed you blog and readers!

The Alcatraz post I promised will happen next time. It’s mostly going to be pictures since everything is really self explanatory and we had such a beautiful day.

This post is all about Dr. Awesome’s new passion – aged cocktails. Thanks to the good folks at Tuthilltown Distillery (which is in the Hudson Valley), he was able to make this dream a reality.

We bought a few bottles that had a piece of barrel already in them. All we had to do was just mix whatever cocktail we wanted and pour it in there to let the aging begin.


The ingredients for some Manhattans and Negronis.


The Negroni recipe.


Aged Negronis in progress.


All mixed.


Pouring into the aging bottles.


One aged and one “raw” (so we can taste the difference).


Dr. Awesome is now labeling the date on each one so that 10 days later, we can enjoy the fruits of his labor.




The aging really makes a difference. The bite in the drinks isn’t has hard. It’s definitely more smooth. Tuthilltown also sells some mini barrels which we are probably going to invest in once we get things rearranged in the apartment and have a proper bar/aging area. Their Hudson Valley whiskey is also amazing. Some of the best whiskey I’ve had and I’m not a huge whiskey drinker.

Thanks for sticking with me! Summer is already here and that means many farmer market visits, maybe a camero at the New Amsterdam Market selling some Berkshire Blue…the possibilities are endless.


~ by Rori on May 30, 2012.

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