The San Francisco Chronicles – Day 3

Back from the Berkshires! Had a great time visiting the family and especially seeing my brother. We went to this awesome new butcher store called The Meat Market in Great Barrington. We got some great chickens that we roasted and as we speak, I’m making stock with the left over meat and bones. From what I can see from the website, they offer really cool classes. Hopefully I’ll be up the next time they offer one.

Onto probably the shortest post in my San Fran vacation! Dr. Awesome’s mother and I started out our day at the Contemporary Jewish Museum that was literally right behind our hotel. There was a special Houdini exhibit that they were having and we wanted to check it out. It was different than I thought it would be. There was a lot of art by people who were inspired by him and also some of the props he used and photographs.

Of course, we were really hungry after that, so we went to this great place called The Swan Oyster Depot. This place is only open from 8am till 5pm since it is also a fish market. It’s really tiny, so we were hoping to get there after the lunch rush. We lucked out and were able to snag two seats pretty quickly. The only seating they have is at a bar. Probably can only fit about 10-12 people at once.





What’s really cool is that this place is family owned and run. Everyone behind the bar was related to each other in some way or another. And as you can see, everything is ridiculously fresh.



We ordered a dozen oysters, I believe different varieties of west coast and a dungeness crab cocktail. Holy jeebus, the amount of meat we got from the crab was unbelievable. I’m not a big cocktail sauce person, but their sauce was amazing. We really liked the briny oysters more than the sweet.




No joke right there.



Definitely worth a stop if you’re in San Fran. It’s a little off the beaten path (which is always great), but it’s really easy to get to. You might have to wait a bit to get in, but it’s totally worth it. It’s also cash only, FYI. Bring a bunch with you!

That night, a group of us set out to Anchor & Hope for dinner. Our table wasn’t quite ready yet, so we went to this interesting bar next door for some drinks.


They had some crazy old motorcycles hanging overhead. What was funny, was that the host at Anchor & Hope thought that this place was a dive. It really wasn’t.

It was hard to get a good photo inside Anchor & Hope, but I was able to take this:


A little blurry, but it was a really cool wall painting. We had a bunch of appetizers to share and for my main meal, I had the charred calamari steak with white beans, broccoli romanesco, and sea urchin butter. SO GOOD. I would highly recommend this place too. Prices are pretty close to NYC, but definitely not ridiculous.

And that’s it! I know! This day, though very packed with activities, was very short. But don’t worry, you’ll be bombarded with more photos and videos for the rest of the week I was there 🙂


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