Trailer Park Lounge

It’s a been a little while since ZsaZsa and mine’s visit to the Trailer Park Lounge.  She was good and wrote about our experience right after it happened (unlike me).  You can read her post and see all the photos she took here.  It was a cute place. Would I ever go back? Probably not.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and it came with tater tots!  That was cool.  Poor ZsaZsa got the amped up tater tots with chili and cheese.  I suggested that the next place we eat, we need to have some sort of veg.  She’s going to be frolicking around Africa for a bit, so our eating adventures will be put on hold.  They did serve champagne in a can, which we both had to partake in.  The service was pretty good, but I think my days of going to this type of place might be over.  Definitely more of a tourist attraction and after work drink spot.  I’m glad we tried it out, though.

As I’m typing this, my Texas photos are being uploaded.  You can cheat and look at them before I write my posts (check out the Yummy Photos on the right hand side of the page).  Tomorrow, I’m taking a pickling class with my friend Jill at The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg.  I’m really excited to finally learn how to do this.  We’re being taught by the person who created McClure’s Pickles.  Like I said on Twitter, don’t be surprised if you start getting pickle presents!


~ by Iyumnewyork on August 14, 2011.

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