Nom Wah with ZsaZsa

Trying to come up with new and exciting places to go to around the city can be hard (lets face it, there are tons!) So my good friend ZsaZsa Balza and I went to this really cool place in Chinatown called Nom Wah Tea Parlor (you can check out her blog about our adventure here). I had never been to Doyers street before and while I was walking down it, I remembered a cool blog post I read on Ephemeral New York. It’s amazing how much history this city has. Here’s my photo that sort of looks like the one from that blog post:

Doyers 1

Who doesn’t love Dim Sum all day long? Plus eating it in one of the oldest tea parlor’s in Chinatown? I have to give ZsaZsa all the credit for this find (and for the following photos we took with her camera…they also link to her flickr page).

So, the egg rolls were actually made of that had veggies stuffed inside and then deep fried.  Never had that before.  We ordered a lot: steam bun with pork, sticky rice with pork, bacon wrapped shrimp, pot stickers, stuff crab claw, and some jasmine tea.  This place gives huge portions for dim sum.  Another table ordered some Chinese broccoli and what came out was massive.  I couldn’t believe it.

I was happy to find out that Nom Wah is actually really close to another dim sum spot that Dr. Awesome and I love called The Golden Unicorn.  This place is the real deal.  Ladies running around with carts, people shouting out at them to come over, always a wait for brunch on the weekends.  It’s great.  ZsaZsa and I also saw the Rent is Too Damn High guy.  That was slightly amusing.  Just to make sure you know it’s really him, he has his face right on his car.

Yeah. Only in New York.


~ by Iyumnewyork on July 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nom Wah with ZsaZsa”

  1. Best dim sum I’ve had in a while. It’s now on my list for out of town guests!

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