Berkshire Blue ~Smoked~ Edition

I’m so proud of my dad. He had an idea and was able to find a means to do it. Thanks to a monastery (yes, you read that correctly) in upstate New York, you will hopefully be able to get your hands on some smoked Berkshire Blue soon! I am going to try and get up there another weekend to head out to the monastery with him and talk with the brothers and see their whole operation. Very fascinating! (and a little random.) By the way, the nuns also sell cheesecake. My dad brought home a chocolate one. Awesome! I think I might start making special trips up there just for that! Thanks to Culture Magazine for bringing everyone together!

Smoked Berkshire Blue 1

Smoked Berkshire Blue 2

We tried two different wheels—one was smoked for 4 hours, the other 5. We all agreed we liked the 5-hour one the best. It creates a whole new taste and depth to the cheese. Who knew? I’m not going to say exactly what we smoked it with just yet (don’t know if I can tell ALL the trade secrets), but I will be interested to see how other types of wood work with it.

I also taught my dad the recipe for his Berkshire Blue salad dressing. We made a batch and gave it to a local store to see how it does.

Lots of exciting things in our little blue cheese world!


~ by Iyumnewyork on June 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Berkshire Blue ~Smoked~ Edition”

  1. Great stuff! Tell your dad to keep on innovating!

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