Mmm Moar Pork Please! – Charcuterie, Cheese and Wine

Dr. Awesome and I had been planning this for a long time: The dinner party of ep-ork proportions. With our awesome Flying Pigs Farm CSA well underway, we thought it was time to share some of the delicious love that we were acquiring every week. We also had some duck prosciutto from the first New Amsterdam Market of the season from Hudson Valley Duck Farm and Lardo that Dr. Awesome brought back with him from a recent trip to San Francisco. We ran out early that morning to Di Palo‘s to pick up some regular prosciutto and dried sausage, along with an aged goat, pecorino and fontina cheeses and some wine. I think I’ll let the photos do some talking.

The Spread 3

Lardo on crutons
Lardo on grilled bread with some Italian olive oil that we got from Montepulciano and arugula.

cheese and jam spread
The cheese and jam spread. We got this amazing aged cheddar from Whole Foods that was from an Iowa Amish farm which won a bunch of awards. The spreads were blueberry and apricot jam, and truffle and raw honey.

Duck prosciutto, prosciutto, dried Sausage
The cured meats section with some mean beans from Ricks Picks and cornichons.

toasted bread and Riettes
Flying Pigs riettes on toast with olives.

The Spread 1
The other side of the spread.

Our lovely guests Jason and Jill brought along a pork-inspired invention of their own:

Bacon wrapped pate 2

Bacon-wrapped pâté. That definitely upped the ante.

I think everyone looked pretty satisfied and happy. Honeycomb made an appearance too.

Everyone Full of Pork

It was just one of those magical nights that almost went on till the morning. As Dr. Awesome says, “I felt like I had finally become a man.”

Mushroom update: I think they’re dead 😦 I must’ve done something wrong (like not have split the plastic all the way) so I’m going to buy another kit and do it perfectly this time. I was supposed to soak the grinds for 24 hours if I wanted the best results, but I didn’t do that. My bad.  Back to the drawing board!


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