New Amsterdam Market & North Carolina BBQ

At the beginning of the month, a few of us went to the first market of the season at the New Amsterdam Market. The weather was beautiful, but Governor’s Island wasn’t in the cards this time (again) because it wasn’t open. So, we decided to bring stuff back to my place and have a picnic on the balcony. But first, we had to go around and sample some stuff that was offered. There was a huge line to get some fried clam belly sandwiches, so unfortunately we didn’t get to try those. Instead, we had some tasty flat bread sandwiches from Marlow & Sons.


The May Pole

May pole

Marlow & Sons

Emily eating Marlow & Sons Flat bread
Emily sampling the rabbit.

We needed some cheese to round out the duck prosciutto, nordic bread and Ricks Picks Mean Beans (I am obsessed with them now). We ended up at Saxelby Cheesemongers and got a nice, soft goat cheese, along with buying some pears at the market.

Saxelby Cheesemongers

They also sell my dad’s!!!

Berkshire Blue - Saxelby

As you can see, we had a really nice spread, along with some Brooklyn Oenology wine (wasn’t too crazy about it).


A couple of weeks later, Dr. Awesome and I went down to North Carolina for a friend’s wedding. Needless to say, when you’re in the south, one really important thing comes to mind: BBQ! (duh!) I decided to trust the infamous Adam Richman of Man vs. Food celebrity, on his pick of good BBQ in the area. We went with The Pit. Why? Because they advertised “Whole Hog BBQ”.



Dr. Awesome, waiting for the feasting to begin.

Brisket with potato salad and fried okra.

Smoked chicken and chopped turkey with string beans and collard greens.

The chopped BBQ with sweet potato fries and mac and cheese.

Now, I know everything looks awesome, but the standouts were the brisket and the smoked chicken. We were a bit disappointed with the chopped BBQ since it reminded us of pulled pork and the chopped turkey was really dry. All the sides were really good and came with complimentary hush puppies and a biscuit. The price was right, but I think what kills this place is that it got so popular from being on the Food Network, Travel Channel, etc. Also, you may be asking why we didn’t get any ribs. Well, apparently the truck didn’t arrive in time for them to be ready, so no ribs. We were a bit disappointed with that. The place didn’t really seem like your typical (or what you would think was typical) of a BBQ joint. It was very refined looking; more restaurant than down home, get-your-hands-dirty. I think a trip to the deep south is in order. Maybe I’m thinking of the Texas type of BBQ. I was sad that this didn’t blow me away or cure my BBQ craving. Still on the hunt! I do have to say that I really liked the vinegar-based sauces, which is the basis for Carolina BBQ.

We took a walk around downtown Raleigh, and there was a LGBT festival going on.



We were full, so we couldn’t partake in any food that was there. I think if we knew, we would’ve tried out some of the vendors that were lined up instead.

Then we made our way back to the car and got ready for a really beautiful wedding ceremony and had some delicious food.  This cloud photo was taken the night before. I had never seen storm clouds like that in my life!

Storm clouds


A big congratulations to Alexia and Josh!

Stay tuned for our wine, cheese and charcuterie night extravaganza!


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  1. Will I never get to Governor’s Island?

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