New Gardening Experiment! (And Flying Pigs CSA!)

I’ve been meaning to start my patio garden again this year and really wanted to have some peas, but even though I was supposed to start them in March, it was way too cold to even try planting them.  Dr. Awesome and I are definitely going to grow some herbs in some cute planters my mother got for us.  This new gardening experiment came to me randomly as I was shopping one day in Whole Foods.  I was headed for the mushroom section when a guy with cart asked me if I wanted a mushroom recipe.  I took it and looked at what was beside him.  It was this mushroom kit from Back to the Roots where you can grow your own oyster mushrooms.  Curious, I picked one up and asked the guy a couple of questions.  It seemed easy enough AND it doesn’t need any sunlight, which is great because my balcony lacks that.  Indoor growing I can handle. What is also cool is that they’re packed in recycled coffee grounds.  The guy told me that this brings the sustainable urban mushroom farm one more step local. So, what did I do? I bought it.


I’m really excited to start doing this.  I’ll keep a log of the progress, just like I did with my plants last summer.  This will be a lot quicker though because they’re supposed to sprout within 10 days.  Be on the lookout!  I’m sure these will go great with the stuff we got from our first pick up of our Flying Pigs Farm CSA share 🙂

Back 40

Flying pigs 1


~ by Iyumnewyork on May 10, 2011.

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