Erin Go Brat

I’m watching the The Fabulous Beekman Boys while typing this post.  It’s a great show and the season premiere is tonight. Exciting!  In this episode, their goats are giving birth.  Just an hour ago, Dr. Awesome and I were watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations where he was in Austria and went to a restaurant where the chef raised and butchered his own sheep/goats.  It’s interesting to see life come full circle like that on two separate shows watched on the same night randomly.

Now, back to Erin Go Brat (or Bratwurst…not brat, as in a spoiled child). Even though I’m far from Irish, I was feeling festive and wanted to cook for St. Paddy’s.  I tried my hand in baking some Irish soda bread (which I later leaned, the recipe I used was more of what the Irish would call “cake” than bread) and bangers and mash with roasted brussel sprouts (need some green!)

I was very pleased at how everything came out. The soda bread was moist and delicious. The Irish bangers fried up well and I used the leftover fat to fry up the sprouts. I was hoping to find some Irish butter to make the mashed potatoes, but all I could find was Icelandic (the wrapping was green!).  It was all washed down with some Guinness.

soda bread

The meat

the whole meal


Yeah, I know you’re all jealous.  I was listening to some awesome Irish music while cooking to get inspired.  I found a traditional soda bread recipe that I’m going to try out.  The difference between the one I used and a traditional one is that there are no eggs and sugar in the real version.

Our food tour in Brooklyn is this Sunday! I’m very excited.  We’re going around the Brighton Beach area at some point, which Dr. Awesome and I went to a couple of years ago and loved it.  We’ll be revisiting one of the places we went to and bought a ton of cured meat.  I definitely think we’ll be leaving with a couple of bags again.  I’m also excited to explore Brooklyn.  It’s a borough that needs to be visited more often.


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