Kiss Me, I’m (A Wannabe) Irish!

Well, I missed doing something fancy for Pi Day (3.14), but will be happening in years to come (like coming up with dorky pie names and baking them). I also missed doing something cool for the Ides of March (3/15!…something Roman inspired) BUT I am determined to at least do something for St. Patrick’s Day.  No green beer here! I am going to try my hand at making Irish soda bread and some other dish.  What, I’m not exactly sure right now, but I’m looking for ideas if anyone has them.

Guinness will definitely be part of the festivities. Dr. Awesome has some Irish ancestry (hence the red beard), but I get to celebrate because my name is Irish 🙂

I’ve been to Ireland twice and had a few national dishes, all of which were really great.  Don’t know if I want to go the corned beef and cabbage route (too predictable!)

I will leave you with a photo of me (left) drinking some Guinness with one of my best friends (Meredith) on St. Patrick’s 2004 in Canterbury, England (she came to visit me while I was studying abroad there).

Rori and Mere St. Paddy's 2004

Good times.


~ by Iyumnewyork on March 16, 2011.

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