A Very Dean and Deluca Thanksgiving

Well, better late than never!  Dr. Awesome and I wanted to host our families for the holidays this year instead of splitting up.  We had some alternative reasons too (coming up later in the post) and decided the easiest way to go was catering from Dean and Deluca.  We got everything from there except the pies.  Those were done by me.  The crusts were pre-made since I didn’t have a rolling pin, but our good friends Linda and Bob got us one as a present, so I have no excuse now!

I made three pies: a key lime (Dr. Awesome’s favorite), pumpkin and pecan. I was able to find fresh key limes at whole foods, which was great.  Only thing that sucked was that they were so tiny, so zesting them took a while, as well as juicing because they have so many seeds.



I whisked together the zest and eggs until the mixture had a greenish hue.



I then added the sweetened condensed milk and key lime juice to the egg and zest mixture and once all combined, poured it into the graham cracker pie crust.


And then popped it in the oven! Here are some photos of my pecan and pumpkin pie too:



With Dean and Deluca, we had to cook the Turkey. It was air chilled with no antibiotics. Our sides were roasted yukon gold potatoes with olive oil, thyme and truffle salt, traditional sage and celery stuffing along with country sausage and granny smith apple stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted shallots with balsamic glaze, haricot vert with marcona almonds, cranberry and orange compote, turkey pan gravy and homemade biscuits. It was so weird not having to run around the kitchen all day! We felt like we should have been doing something, but there was nothing to be done!



And the turkey finished:


Shout out to Dr. Awesome’s mom for helping us cook and carve the bird! Totally forgot to take photos of the completed meal.  Was too hungry to remember! (I’m sure you all can understand that!)

There was so much food that Dr. Awesome and I basically ate leftovers for a week!

This Thanksgiving was very special also because Dr. Awesome and I announced our engagement 🙂 To celebrate, we took a jaunt over to Brooklyn on that Friday and had an amazing meal at Peter Luger.

Me and Michele
Me and Dr. Awesome’s mom.

The guys
The men.

The ladies
The ladies.

All of us
The happy group.

We ordered their thick cut bacon as an appetizer. It could’ve easily been our main course!

Peter Luger bacon

It was so good. I believe Luger only offers one cut of steak: The Porterhouse. We all ordered steak for two and this is what was presented (well, not almost fully eaten):

The main event

I don’t think I’ve ever had steak this delicious and it was prepared so simple! The homemade steak sauce really helped bring out the flavor and gave some acid to the dish. We had lots of leftovers from this too.

Then we ordred some Apple Strudel with vanilla ice cream and their famous “Schlag” (whipped cream). The schlag was good enough by itself! I had never been to the one on Long Island, but apparently they say this one is better, even though both places have the same steaks. The atmosphere was really cool too and the prices weren’t too bad.

So, it was a pretty festive holiday to say the least. Everyone ate, drank and was very merry.  Sometimes, in certain cases, catering may be the way to go.  It wasn’t too ridiculously expensive and it also takes a lot of the stress of cooking so much, away.  Don’t knock it until you try it!

Can’t believe Christmas is coming up! For presents, I’m going to try making some pickles and preserves to give out to people. I think it’ll be a fun thing to do.


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