Italia – The End

Sorry for the lack of updating.  It’s been a busy week.  Be warned: This post is going to be very photo heavy.  We start off with our dinner after our travels around the underground and duomo, at an agriturismo not far from our villa.

Dr. Awesome carrying some wines to dinner.

View from the agriturismo.





Our amazing race pose.

Jason and Jill pouring some wine to get us started.

Then we made our way inside. We sat at a long table in a nice dining room, preparing for our four course meal.


Of course we start with some crusty bread, freshly made olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and cured meat.

Then came a huge friggen bowl of pasta with a delicious pesto sauce. This could’ve just been the meal, that’s how huge the portion was.

The main course was some stewed boar with carrots and rosemary potatoes.

To finish, panna cotta.

And some homemade vodka from the waitress’s Polish friend. It was yummy. I think the reason is brown is because it’s not distilled. I’m totally shooting in the dark here, so I might be wrong about that.

Like I said in an earlier post, the great thing about an agriturismo, everything you eat or drink is grown or raised on its land. It’s also not very expensive. I think this huge meal cost us about 30 Euros each (not including all the coffee and drinks). Plus, you’re supporting a local slow food organization. FTW!

Moving on to Friday, our last day in Italy. It’s hard to describe to people where Orvieto is situated. I tried my best in the moving car to get a photo of the city on the cliffside. It’s an amazing view and the photo doesn’t do it justice. Just one of those things.


We decided to venture out of Orvieto and go to another medieval city in Tuscany called Montepulciano. This place is a bit more touristy than Orvieto, but it’s just as beautiful. And also built on a hill.



Random lady with a random crow (I guess it’s her pet?)




I love that all these clocks have awesome statues that ring the bell on the hour.




Lots of good shopping on the main strip.

Had to go into this wine store. Later on, we came back to it and had a few tastes of different wines.

Cool old church.


A really cool copper store where we could’ve bought a whole distiller set.

LOVE how old this place is. I get very excited about things like that.

We found a cantina at the top of the city. We went in. The wines were ok, but Dr. Awesome and I really liked their olive oil, so we bought a small can for special occasions.

Then we went down a random alley where a bunch of people were taking in the view.


The fixer-upper.



She totally caught me taking a photo of her.

We made our way to the car to drive back home, but decided to stop at this winery right by our villa. They were a bigger place than the other ones we had experienced, but had some great, complex wines. We all ended up getting this white dessert wine that was delicious.

That night, we went back to Orvieto to eat our last dinner together at a restaurant called Le Grotte Del Funaro. It looked like the underground caves that we toured around. The food was great, as usual.

Saturday morning, we drove back to Rome to catch our flight to Montreal, connecting to NY. Of course, things didn’t go as planned and we missed our connecting flight (Air Canada, I’m very disappointed with your service and the Montreal airport in general). But at least you provided some sort of comedy at the hotel you put us up at. Jason and Jill had this amazing plate in their room:


And that concludes (finally!) my Italian vacation. It was a great time and I would love to go back and travel around a lot more. Of course, like any vacation, it went way too fast. Now, I have to try and make my own pasta! Time to experiment!


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