New Amsterdam Market – 10/10/10

To take a little break from my Italy posting, I wanted to update everyone on our New Amsterdam Market day on Oct 10.  It was beautiful outside except for the road work they were doing right next to the Market.  Lots of people came down to buy cheese and we got to meet the good people at Fleisher’s, which was really exciting for me.  It’s really interesting to see how kids who grow up around this kind of stuff are more adventurous with trying things and have a developed palate.  More on that in a few.

We’re going to start off with my Charlie Brown garden.  I came back from Italy, surprised to see that I still had some string beans growing.  One was actually ready to be plucked off, so that’s what I did.  We all tried it raw and it was very sweet and fresh.  I was all proud since I actually produced something that was organic and tasted really good.



Back to the Market.  We sold lots of cheese and were also able to convert a bunch of people who normally don’t like blue cheese into liking it, which was really cool.




I needed a snack.  The girl in the booth next to us was eating an ice pop from People’s Pops.  She told me they had a pumpkin pie one.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love this time of year because of everything pumpkin!  So, I ran over and got one of these:


It was literally like eating pumpkin pie on a stick.  DELICIOUS!!!  I am determined to learn how to brew my own pumpkin beer this year.  If I end up doing it, it’ll be way past the season, but that’s never stopped me before 🙂

Anyway, we had a little visit from the people at Fleisher’s and apparently, their son is a huge fan of the cheese.


I mean huge. He had the whole double fisting action down to a science.



He’s really a cute little boy.  His mom got him a piece but he didn’t want that.  He wanted the sample sizes that were just right for him.  So adorable!  It was also really cool to see him eating something that other kids might not even want to try.  Definitely not a picky eater there!

They ended up giving us a bunch of their meats at the end of the day.  When they brought the bag over filled with organic, grass-fed goodness, my mouth just dropped wide open.  Like I said in the last post, it was the ultimate score.  Dr. Awesome and I can’t wait to dive into all that we have patiently waiting for us.

We’ll be at the Market again on November 14.  It’ll be the last time for the year!  I can’t believe a month went by so quickly from the last time we were there.  I’m also tasked with making the official Berkshire Blue Cheese dressing!  I have the ingredients, but just need to figure out how much of everything I need to put in.  If it’s a success, it’ll be debuting in November!

This past weekend was the Fall Food Tour with our good friend Seth (who organized the last one in the spring).  I’ll be posting about the next before I get back to Italy.


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  1. that kid is so damn cute. i will steal him.

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