Aaaaay, Fongoli! Cantina Number Two: Fongoli (No, It’s Not A Curse)

After our amazing experience at Rialto, we were pumped to see where Mark was going to take us next. Fongoli was only about a five minute drive away.  I got to see some sunflowers along the way (Umbria has a ton!  I had never seen so many in my life!) As we drove down the long dirt road, Mark proceeded to tell us that one of the people involved in the cantina does iron work and we could see his skill right beside us.  We passed by this very beautiful red fence that went along the road. I feel like dirt roads are a big theme in Umbria. They always seem to take you to the most amazing places.





We finally arrive and see a ton of old barrels that were turned into different things.  You’ll see more of this from the photos inside, but farmers never threw out their old equipment.  They used them as decorations or made them into something that they could use.  We also lucked out because the guys were unloading the grapes that were picked into the machine that separates the stems.  It was cool to see.  Plus, we had an amazing view of the countryside.


Not going to lie, Dr. Awesome totally posed for this photo.  I had nothing to do with it.








To make sure nothing from the vine went to waste, the farmers would feed the goats the grape stems that were leftover.


Old farm equipment.






Uhhh, wine in gas pump form? Yes please!


We tried a couple of the wines they had: the grechetto (white), rosso, a rosé (pictured – the lady pumping it into a pitcher), sagrantino and their passito. We all liked their rosé the best, but they didn’t have it in bottles. It would’ve been too rich to drink a huge jug of it, so we got their rosso to go.



This place felt a little more commercial than the last one, but it was still small-scale in the scheme of things.  All their wine was great, but the first cantina was still lingering in our minds.  Eraldo set the bar high and we ended up comparing the rest of the stuff we tried to his (at least I know I did).

Our next stop was lunch!  We drove through the medieval town of Montefalco to get to our agriturismo, but that’s another post 🙂

I know, I know, but I have so many photos.  Gotta break the entries down some how!  Otherwise it’d be never ending.

Also, don’t forget to come down to the New Amsterdam Market on Sunday, October 10! (10/10/10)  My parents and I will be there selling Berkshire Blue!



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