Back from Italia!

Hello all!  I’m back from Italy.  I was supposed to get in last night, but due to our flight being delayed from Rome and Air Canada and the Montreal Airport not being very helpful, we had to stay overnight in Montreal.  It’s good to be home, but there were many YUMs had!  We had the freshest food and the greatest ingredients imaginable.  It’s a really amazing country in terms of that.  But the drivers, not so much.  I’ll be updating a couple of times this week with photos of all the places we went to and the meals we had, including some really small, unknown wineries that deserve recognition.  Tuscany is so last year.  Umbria is where it’s at!


~ by Iyumnewyork on September 26, 2010.

One Response to “Back from Italia!”

  1. Glad to hear you had such a delicious trip! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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