Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket Feast

Since this blog is primarily about greenmarkets around NYC, we visited one that was right around the corner from us.  The Tompkins Square Greenmarket, held on Sundays.  It’s definitely not as big as the Union Square one, but you’re still able to find great ingredients from local places.

Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket



cipollini onions and carrots

free range eggs



leafy stuff


The guy we got the fresh eggs from said they last up to 6 weeks because they gather them that week and sell out every weekend.  Really fresh.  We haven’t used them yet, but I look forward to that day.  In light of all the salmonella drama going on, this should be a wake-up call for knowing where your produce comes from.  Scary stuff!

On the menu were the cipollini onions, creamed swiss chard (not pictured), mushrooms with shallots and a burger.  The only thing we didn’t purchase at the market was the burger.  And the end result was this (please excuse the paper plate again!!!):


Everything was so good.  Swiss chard is like a more flavorful spinach.  We roasted the cipollini onions (which, as you can see, were huge!) and pan cooked the mushrooms and shallots.  It was actually a quick dish to throw together and very simple to make.  We bought some other stuff, like new potatoes, onions and carrots.  Had the lamb provencal dish tonight and tomorrow, with the leftovers, we’re going to make roasted carrots.

I know it’s hard to shop like this ALL the time.  Some people might not have resources near them.  Even if you’re able to do it once a week or once a month, it makes a difference.

In New Amsterdam Market news, Berkshire Blue is definitely on for September 12, the first fall market day of the season!  I’ll definitely be there this time.

Heading up to the Berkshires this weekend.  Hope everyone has a yummy Labor Day!


~ by Iyumnewyork on September 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket Feast”

  1. ya know i was just thinking about roasted onions today. never thought that I would want to eat an onion like that, but i can taste it now YUM I miss NY.

    • Awww, NY misses you too 🙂 Yeah, definitely try them. You have to boil them for like 30 seconds first to peel them and get the bitterness out, but then after, it’s magical!

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