Cukes and Squash Blossoms, and Dare I Say, Pole Bean Flowers??

As I’ve noted before in this blog, out of all three plants I’m growing, my cucumbers are doing the best.  I’ve been having camera issues and it’s been hard trying to get it to focus on certain parts of the plant (older technology, what can you do!), so I apologize if they’re not the greatest quality.  I’ve been trying to get a photo of the bigger cucumber that’s growing, but it’s been hard.  I have a photo of others that are starting to grow.  As you’ll see, the squash plant has regrown and I have a fair amount of blossoms now.  All I need is a bee to pollinate the female plants and I’ll finally get some squash!  I also have to clean up the squash plant and cut away the dead leaves.  The pole beans are actually showing some life!  I found one flower starting to peek out and another is starting to grow.

Squash Blossoms top

Squash Blossoms side

Squash Blossms, only 1

Here’s a blurry shot of the pole bean flower, followed by another.

Pole Bean flower out of focus

Pole bean flower, a little bit better

cukes at the bottom

As you can see, the problem that I’m having is that the camera focuses on the background (the fence and the trellis) instead of on the plant.  I don’t know why it’s doing this, maybe someone can help me out, but I’m going to have to play around with the settings so that this stops happening.  I’m really surprised that my pole beans are actually starting to flower!

I have some beet and pea seeds from Sprout Robot that they sent about two weeks ago, but I think I might wait to plant them when I get back from Italy since I’ll be away for a bit and won’t be able to water them.  I’m also going to start an herb garden which I’m really excited about.

I hope that my first cucumber can be picked in the next week or so!  The problem is the amount of sunlight I get on the balcony which I believe is causing my plants to grow at a slower rate.  It’s also causing some of the cucumbers that are growing, to shrivel up and die in infancy, as you can see in the photo towards the bottom.  Ah well, it’s an experiment, albeit a very tasty one!


~ by Iyumnewyork on August 16, 2010.

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