New Amsterdam Market and Central Park Picnic

Despite the sweltering weather, Dr. Awesome and I with our friends Seth and Nate (whose idea this was) went down to the New Amsterdam Market to pick up a few provisions for our picnic on Governor’s Island.  Get ready for the photo bombardment…….now:

The beginning of the Market

Nordic Breads.  So good!  They had slices with some cheese and cucumbers to try it.  I can’t wait to buy some more.

Shot of the Fulton Fish Market.

Marlow & Daughters had some good looking sausages.

This place looked cool: Bug Hill Farm.

Hudson Valley Duck Farm.

We spent some time trying all his wonderful cured duck meats and ended up buying the duck prosciutto.  I KNOW!

Dr. Awesome buying some white wine at Brooklyn Oenology.  They’re opening up a tasting room soon. I think the guy was in the middle of talking to Dr. Awesome while I snapped this photo.

Nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Sullivan Street Bakery.  See those amazing crusty breads on the right.  Yeah, we totally bought one of those.  Delicious.  I wish the Bakery was actually on Sullivan Street and not in Midtown West.

People’s Pops.  It was at least 100 degrees out, so some icy goodness was in order.  We ended up getting their raspberry basil flavor.

Walking around South Street Sea Port.

We then walked from the sea port to the Governor’s Island Terminal.

So, we didn’t exactly make it to Governor’s Island.  Why?  Dr. Awesome bought a bottle of wine.  Apparently, no alcohol (even if it’s closed and we weren’t going to drink it) was allowed.  They were either going to confiscate it and not give it back or we had to drink it beforehand.  Now, Seth and Nate had brought a huge knife with them so we could cut our food.  This would’ve been fine to bring.  So, you can go and stab someone on Governor’s Island, but you can’t be drunk while doing it.  Whatever!  We’ll go there another time.  Instead, we improvised and took a cab up to Central Park East.  The AC in the cab was very welcome.

Here’s the knife in action cutting the delicious duck prosciutto.  It went really well with the crusty bread and the Nordic bread.

I can’t remember which stand we got this from (one that was selling just goat cheese, I should’ve paid more attention. I think it was Painted Goat Farm) but it was goat cheese with pesto and pine nuts.  So smooth and creamy.

Here’s a great shot of my foot, along with our Nordic bread and a rillettes of rabit, bacon and duck fat.  That didn’t last too long.  I definitely don’t remember what stand this was from.

We needed some sort of veggie so we got a nice variety of cherry tomatoes (ok, ok, I know they’re technically fruit).  The cheddar cheese came from another stand that I can’t remember the name of either! Man, I’m bad.

All in all, be it 100 degrees and probably 90% humidity, we had a lovely day.  The New Amsterdam Market was a lot of fun to browse around.  We got a lot of great stuff for great prices and they were delicious.  The only thing leftover was some bread.  It was the perfect amount of food too.  I’m really excited to help my dad out in the fall.  It’s going to be a fun time.  I think a lot of people came out to shop despite the weather.  I’m going to go back there on August 22.

Seth is the person who put together our Food Tour 2010.  I have to hand it to him, he sometimes has great ideas 🙂


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