Vines and Squash Blossoms…where’s ma veggies!

Seems like the plants are doing quite well! I’m hoping some veggies will start growing soon.  We’re getting there, but I think we still have about a month of waiting to do.  The pole beans are doing about the same, but they’re basically at the top of the trellis.  The cucumbers have sprouted some feelers and flowers and the squash have blossoms.

I think we’re looking pretty good!  I’m hoping those squash blossoms grow a little bit more so I can harvest them.  I don’t want to harvest too many since they’re the males and I need them to pollenate the females below.  We’ll see.  One of the blossoms already fell off its stem.  I’m wondering if they won’t grow too much more because I’m growing them in a pot instead of in the ground, or maybe it’s the type of squash.  It’s going to be a surprise what kind I’m growing because there are different types of summer squash.  What I’m really excited about making is pickles.  I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of those this fall.

I’ve also been documenting our pork belly experiment with Thomas Keller’s recipe.  That’ll be the next post!  We’re going to be eating it tomorrow.  It’s been an interesting process, but hopefully this time, we’ll be successful! (I have earlier posts about our pork belly failures if you’d like to indulge)


~ by Iyumnewyork on July 13, 2010.

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