Williamsburg along with Whisk, Blenders and Hipsters plus Thomas Keller brine and Morimoto

Welcome to the Bedford Avenue stop in Williamsburg. I took this video with my BlackBerry. How cool is the woman playing the saw?

Dr. Awesome and I were on a mission: find a blender, wine rack, jug for iced tea, iced coffee maker and some other stuff I’m forgetting. We went to a small kitchen shop called Whisk. We love this store because they have such great stuff and we’re supporting a local place. They have a booth in the new Limelight Marketplace.  We ended up getting an ice coffee press (in green!), a tea ball, a new glass water bottle and some stuff to vacuum seal our wine bottles.

Once done, our adventure took us to Sur La Table, where we bought an awesome Cuisinart blender and also found a great pitcher for iced tea.  I’ve never been a huge iced tea person, but because of the disgusting, humid weather we’ve been having here in NYC, its become a very refreshing drink.  I figured, why keep buying when I can make my own?  I have a ton of Earl Grey Creme tea from Teavana and it just sits there until the winter.  Might as well use it!

Our journey ended at Whole Foods where they had some pork belly (finally!). For our next project, we’re going to be using our ad hoc at home book by Thomas Keller and will try his pork brine recipe. I’ll be documenting that here. We’re also going to attempt making hummus for the first time too now that we have a blender.

No wine rack today, but maybe tomorrow.

I ate with a friend at Moritmoto last night. That guy can do no wrong. We shared his hot spicy king crab. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. It had tobanjan (hot bean sauce) aioli and micro cilantro. It melted in your mouth. I kid you not when I told my friend I wanted to just eat this and only this all night. For my entree, I had the “duck, duck, duck” which consisted of a foie gras croissant (that had sliced duck breast inside), roast duck leg and a soft duck egg and came with two dipping sauces. My friend had the angry chicken which had roasted finger peppers (angry!!!) and spiced chicken jus. I’ve always thought, without a doubt, that Morimoto is the best Iron Chef. You can’t order sushi there because you can get sushi anywhere. Do what we did and order his main dishes. I can’t wait to go back there.

Tonight, Dr. Awesome and I are heading to The Modern – Bar Room. I’ve heard great things. It’s been a delicious weekend so far to say the least.


~ by Iyumnewyork on July 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Williamsburg along with Whisk, Blenders and Hipsters plus Thomas Keller brine and Morimoto”

  1. I wonder if you know (and if this lady playing in the video knows) that every summer there is a musical saw festival in Astoria (Queens)? She should go play there: http://www.musicalsawfestival.org
    Here is a video from last year’s festival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuQp5WZY6fM

  2. Hey, the Saw Festival is August 7th, and you could go have Greek food afterwards – Astoria is famous for its Greek food 🙂

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