And the winner is…

Cold sesame noodles with chicken!  Everyone had such awesome suggestions and I wanted to make them all. I remembered that I had leftover chicken thighs that I made the other day with some mushrooms and I figured an easy way to use them up was to just buy some soba noodles and green onions.  The only thing I had to cook were the noodles.

The chicken I made had salt, pepper, garlic powder and chili flakes with sauteed mushrooms and brussel sprouts (those were eaten earlier).

I then chopped up some green onion and put it all in a container with some soy sauce and sesame oil to marinate for a little in the fridge.

I cooked the soba noodles and let them cool, then combined all the ingredients in a bowl with some more soy and sesame oil, plus some sesame seeds and voila!

A family friend of Dr. Awesome’s suggested some pickled herring with boiled potatoes and sour cream.  That sounded delicious.  I’m going to have to whip that up sometime!  They’re from Sweden, so it’ll be a Scandinavian inspired dish!  Plus, I love dill (an herb they use a lot there).  It’s also something that’s used in Jewish cooking.  When I was in Israel, some of the foods they made for Shabbat had dill and it brought back so many memories of my grandmother’s cooking.  It’s really amazing how taste can bring out such a reaction.  I was basically taken back to when I was a little girl eating her chicken noodle soup and gefilte fish (they served both) with the purple horseradish.

The plants are doing alright.  I think cause it’s been so hot and the sun angle changed, they’re having a little bit of a rough time.  The cucumbers were really droopy when I got home today, but I watered them and they perked right up.  Phew.

I’ll be putting some Israel photos up tomorrow!

Again everyone, thanks so much for your “cool” dinner suggestions!  Once we get a blender/food processor (don’t ask, I don’t know how we’ve survived) I’ll be trying out all sorts of stuff!


~ by Iyumnewyork on July 6, 2010.

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