Crawfish Boil…Yes, Please! & Sprout Report, Week 2.5

Like most of the world, I’m currently glued to the TV watching the World Cup.  Pig Feast 2010 photos will be coming in the next few days.  I know I’ve been bad about that, but I’m waiting to hear back from a friend who wrote down what each course consisted of.  This way, I can immerse everyone in the experience 🙂  Isn’t this what my blog is all about?

Unsure of where to go for some lunch today (it’s easy to tire out of all the usual stuff around the neighborhood), we decided to head to a place right around the corner for some good ol’ New Orleans hospitality.  Mara’s Homemade: never a disappointment.  This was maybe our third time there.  I had gotten an email about crawfish being available.  Being in an adventurous mood, we ordered the 3lbs. crawfish boil and a shrimp po’ boy.  This was my first time cracking open crawfish.  It was both messy and fun.  I got the hang of it really quickly.  As you’ll see, they didn’t skimp on the size of these suckers.

The Beginning

Hello, Mr. Crawfish

The End…lots of heads

I, of course, splattered some stuff on my brand new shirt.  Never fails!  The first time we ate here, we tried their alligator bites.  Very good.  I highly recommend them.  In hind sight, we should’ve asked if the oil spill has been hindering their shipments of seafood since they get their supply from Louisiana.  They seem to be doing alright.

Sprout Update, Week 2.5

I can’t believe how fast the veggies are growing!  I’m getting excited because I now have four squash seeds blooming and the pole beans are almost at the point where they’re going to have to be tied around the trellis.  Here’s a wide-shot view of my patio garden:

So great!  I’m heading out of the country in a week and a half for 10 days and I hope my boyfriend keeps them in good shape 🙂  I really can’t wait to start picking the veggies from them.  Have I mentioned how excited I am that my squash are doing so well?

Now a bit of sad news:  Sprout Robot needs our help.  They’re a start-up company and need some help financially.  It’s a great concept.  To help out, visit: Sprout Robot – Kickstart – Gardens for Everyone. They even give a shout out to this blog!!  It’s a great way to get people involved in growing their own food and even teach children responsibility and the deliciousness they’ll benefit from afterwards.

As you can see, you can grow a garden anywhere.

I’ll soon find out the dates my father and I will be selling Berkshire Blue Cheese at the New Amsterdam Market this summer/fall.  It’s going to be a great experience.  I believe we’re aiming at selling four times during the season.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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  1. Crawfish 4evaz!!!

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