Hester Street Fair this weekend!

Even though I’m feeling under the weather, I’m going to go all out on Saturday, bright and early at 10am (mainly so that I can snag a couple of jars of Bacon Marmalade for myself and others and meet the inventors!  I’m excited to try their spicy!)  It’s going to be great to see what this market is all about.  Look for the update with photos this weekend!  I’m glad it’s supposed to be a nice day.

I ate at Pastis the other night.  Crowded and overrated.  My friend that I was with, her and her mom love the skate dish they have. I probably should’ve had that or the steak frites, but instead, I had their cod special.  It was alright.  Nothing mind-blowing.  We also shared their scallop appetizer which was fine.  I’m sure their brunch (which I think they’re known for) is probably a lot better.

On another note, Iron Chef America has their blue cheese battle happening right now.  They’re using 5 cheeses from around the world.  Too bad the cheese they’re using from the US is from Iowa.  Should’ve been from Massachusetts 😉


~ by Iyumnewyork on May 13, 2010.

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