Italia, The Feasting Continues! – Days 2 & 3

I’m combining days two and three into one post since we pretty much just chilled around the villa.  I know all the pretty is going to be too much to handle, but I’m still going to bombard you with a ton of photos…you were warned.








Green Fig Fresh figs straight off the fig tree.





Since lounging is sooooo hard, Dr. Awesome’s mom hooked up the house with a chef to cook for everyone.  His name is Stefano and he brought his son along to help him out.  It’s a hard job cooking for 13 people.




IMG_0042 Paul is setting the mood lighting in the dinning room/second kitchen.

IMG_0033 Some of the grilled veggies with freshly made focaccia bread.

Please excuse the photos. Because of the lighting, the flash made things too bright and then not having the flash made them a little too dark. I had no happy medium.

The antipasto.

Then of course, a pasta dish…freshly made with a pesto sauce, basil and tomatoes.


Veal with peppercorns and grilled zucchini and eggplant.  I was very into my wine and wasn’t listening too closely to what the chef said what was on top of the veal.  I thought they were capers and put a fork-full in my mouth. Yeah, was very surprised to find out that they weren’t capers.

Of course, there was tiramisu. I ated it.

And then the big payday

The meal was delicious and, as usual, we were all nicely drunk from Carlo’s wine.  It was nice to just chill and get situated.  The dinner was on Sunday.  On Monday, we went into town to try and buy some meat from Paolo’s shop for grilling, but we ended up being too late and ran over to the local supermarket.  I have to say, the butcher counter at the store was very impressive.  They had a whole window where you could see the carcasses hanging and all the meat showcased was bright red.  We got a couple of somewhat thickly cut steaks.



They also had an offal section. Here’s a photo of a whole tongue.

The market wasn’t crowded at all and they didn’t have too too much in terms of produce.  I think the reason is that people just make sure they get to their local shops to buy the fresh produce there.  But it’s really amazing to see that the quality of the meat was top notch and you could see where it was coming from, unlike grocery stores here.

The next day, Tuesday, was our wine tour around Umbria.  I’m going to split that into two or three posts because I took a ton of photos at each place.  They all had something unique and different to offer.  I think I’ve become a bit of a wine snob because of it.  I guess there are worse things to happen 🙂


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