A Green Fig Straight From The Tree – A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come!

Green Fig, originally uploaded by iyumnewyork.

Here’s a little taste for everyone. This is a photo I took after taking a bite out of a fresh green fig from the fig tree in the backyard of the villa. I never had green figs before, only black. It was the most juicy and sweet fig I’ve ever had. What’s cool is that later in the week, we found another fig tree, and this one had the black variety. I was able to compare and as far as fresh figs go, green wins. I do like the black ones though when they’re used in desserts. Man, if I didn’t live in the concrete jungle, a fig tree would definitely be in order.

Stay tuned for a full entry tonight on my Italy food adventures!


~ by Iyumnewyork on September 29, 2010.

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